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Through the ups and downs of each individual: The story mainly follows, Kazuki Yamamoto, as he 'almost' captures the heart of the person he loves. Except when something, unexpected occurs... -------------------------------------------------- Please read: Left to Right Genre: Romance| Comedy| School Life | Drama | Slice of Life *Please be aware of the sudden art improvement, coarse language, and horrible grammer* [ This comic is going to be revamped in the future. ]


July 30th, 2012, 5:07 pm


Almost: Revamp!

Hey Guys~!

To those who read my manga "Almost", I'll be revamping(redoing)it because I think I kind of got a sense on how the paneling placing works and change the flow of it P:
Don't worry it's the same story line and all; I just want to change some things around. I know it may be a pain in the butt to be redoing it, but this is what I decided P:

To my readers and supporters, thank you so much for reading/supporting my manga c:

Sorry for the inconvenience! >__<;

I hope you guys will continue/support my manga~!

Jenn-chan aka iibeVi3VexD


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